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A widow in retirement and happy with the level of her retirement income.

  • She is concerned about the legacy of her estate and how much Inheritance Tax her beneficiaries may have to pay

  • She wants to structure her finances in a tax efficient way, in life as well as death

  • She is worried about the low interest environment for her cash based savings but is also worried about risk if she invests in Stocks and Shares

  • Long term she would like to stay in her home and would like to look at long term care planning to achieve this

Our Advice

  • Formulate a strategy to define short, medium and long-term objectives (including elements such as the cost of providing long-term care)

  • Evaluate the value of the estate and the impact of Inheritance Tax (IHT)

  • Explore the options to mitigate any IHT liability for the estate

  • Review existing investments with regards to performance and attitude to risk

  • Working with legal professionals to recommend Wills or consider Powers of Attorney