Tax Efficient Planning

Tax touches everything so it takes a lot of knowledge, care and planning to make sure the best choices are made.

Any financial plan should aim to minimise the tax you pay, leaving more in your pocket or for you to invest.

This is usually even more critical in retirement to ensure your funds last as long as needed and to maximise your legacy. Given there are numerous tax allowances available, there is plenty of opportunity to structure your finances to benefit. We often focus on growing our salary or investment returns but some of the best returns you can get from financial advice is from optimising your tax, particularly in retirement. There are also numerous investment products that have different taxation approaches so matching those to your tax allowances is key to maximising your income and investment returns. Some investments even provide an income tax credit to lower your income tax. If you run your own business, often business and personal tax are intertwined so also needs careful management. And don’t forget national insurance which can often be of a similar magnitude to our income tax. It too can be managed.

Tax management is critical to make your money go further.

bdhSterling's independent financial advisors can help you in all areas of tax planning, as it is core to any financial plan. This includes income tax, pensions, related annual lifetime pension allowances, investments, inheritance tax, capital gains tax from asset sales, property, trust taxation and other state benefits that are available.

When it is time to retire and use your wealth to provide an income, tax management becomes critical to make your money go further. Lastly, bdhSterling specialise in international pension transfers to places like Australia where UK pensions can be moved to an Australian style pension then taken out, often with little or no tax to pay.

Specialists in tax planning for investments.

Our holistic planning assesses all your financial assets and sources of income to help develop a plan to meet your goals which includes optimising your tax arrangements. All of our independent financial advisors are highly trained and have passed accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Insurance in tax as it relates to investments as this is key to financial planning.

As an independent financial planning firm, we have access to all investment products so can source the most suitable. For more complex cases, we also have our sister organisation bdhSterling Tax who can assist.

bdhSterling also have a licence to provide independent financial advice in Australia so if you have a mix of assets in both countries, we are uniquely placed to provide holistic advice with taxation of both countries in mind.

Lastly, we have considerable experience in overseas pensions and offshore bonds so can help ensure if you have those in place that they are managed well and with tax optimisation in mind, particularly in you wish to transfer them back to the UK.

To find out how we can help you mitigate the amount of tax you pay as part of your financial plan please contact one of our independent financial advisors on 01372 724249 or complete an enquiry form on our website.