Strategy & Goals

How to manage your money and having a plan is a large part of creating the life you want. Underestimating your options and restricting your key life goals is the real cost.


What would you do if money were no object?

Most of us don’t have the luxury of thinking about that question as our money isn’t unlimited. It does remind us though, that money is a means to an end and that it can be a real or imagined barrier to living the life we would like. During our lives, we also have many goals and transitions such as buying a property, getting married, having a family, changing jobs, retiring and some that may be out of our control, like divorce, being widowed or a major health challenge.

How to manage our money and having a plan is a large part of creating the life we want. Doing that well takes time and knowledge. In the end, it can feel too hard or maybe even unnecessary. But at what cost? Spend too much in early life and have too little for retirement. Save for retirement but lose out on things pre-retirement. Not managing your estate properly can mean more passes to the government and not to your family. Striking a balance is key. Understanding the possibilities financially in conjunction with your life goals gets you closer to the to the question posed at the start.

Live the best life possible and be confident that is the case.

bdhSterling's independent financial advisors will explore what you and your family want from life, what money you may need to fulfil that at what stage, what your specific financial goals are, what they could be, what your financial situation is, what your attitude to taking risk is and when that is understood, then help you understand the possibilities over the course of your whole life at whatever stage. This is a key step because often our goals change when we see other possibilities. This can be a real eye opener for many. Most underestimate what can be achieved with a sound plan. Once this is agreed, then bdhSterling works with you to put the plan in action and travel with you over time, adjusting the plan as life changes. That helps you live the best life possible and be confident that is the case.

Experienced in lifelong financial planning.

bdhSterling has considerable experience in cashflow planning which maps your finance year by year, from now to 100. This visually helps you grasp the possibilities and the implications of your choices. This process can help with scenarios to see how different choices can impact over time. With the big picture agreed, then shorter term financial tasks and goals are the focus. This process is ongoing over the term of the relationship. As an independent financial advisor, bdhSterling has a very wide understanding to the options in the marketplace and can weave them together to suit your needs.

To find out how we can help you create a financial strategy that achieves your life goals please contact one of our independent financial advisors on 01372 724249 or complete an enquiry form on our website.