How to judge your financial position and see how a mortgage can fit into your overall financial plan.

Buying a property is exciting but expensive.

One of the largest expenses we have in life is typically a mortgage on a house or flat. Buying a new property is an exciting time but can also be a challenge navigating the complexities of the mortgage market. There are more than 15 different types of mortgage and a difference in interest rate of 0.5% can add an extra £30,000 interest on a 25-year mortgage on the average London property, so making good choices is important whether a new mortgage or a re-mortgage.

How does your mortgage fit into your overall financial plan?

bdhSterling's  independent financial advisors can help you judge your financial position and see how a mortgage can fit into your overall financial plan, or help you create a savings plan and invest the savings for tax efficient growth to help build up a deposit.

There are several beneficial options to support a property purchase. Later in life, a financial plan can consider releasing home equity to pay for other retirement goals. Buy-to-let property as an investment or second homes are also common and bdhSterling can help you make sure they are sound investments and compare favourably to other investment options. We don’t offer mortgage advice directly, but we can recommend mortgage advisors, or help you develop the criteria to use to find your own. If you prefer to find a mortgage yourself, we can provide guidance.

A holistic financial plan.

bdhSterling specialises in holistic financial planning, so can help place any property investments you may have into your overall assets and financial plan over your lifespan. This includes supporting your expense management and reviewing your other savings and investments to make sure other financial goals are also supported. bdhSterling also operates in the financial services market so can support you in recommendations for mortgage advisors or home equity release specialists.

To find out how we can help you plan how a mortgage fits into your overall financial plan please contact one of our independent financial advisors on 01372 724249 or complete an enquiry form on our website.