Investing to ensure an income for a retirement that may last 30-40 years is critical.

The secret to creating the wealth to support the life you desire.

Most of us focus on our income from work as our main sources of money, often working harder or longer to fund the life we want. Then later in life we must rely mainly on the savings we have accumulated to fund our retirement income. But it doesn’t have to work that way.

Investing wisely can often mean our savings grow more per annum than our work incomes. Making use of the power of compounding investment growth means small contributions can grow into large investments over time. This, many would argue, is the secret to creating the wealth to support the life you desire. However, we often ignore this area as it is complex and can feel risky but the cost of ignoring can be high and compromise your life’s goals. There is so much choice, jargon, technicalities, paperwork, risk and time required. Even for those who are comfortable and knowledgeable about investing, it is a challenge to optimise and keep up to date with the market.

Once we get to retirement, helping invest to ensure income for retirement that may last 30-40 years is critical. The new pension freedoms provide more options to weigh up. And then there is tax to consider at each stage. Sound investment is the heart of a good financial plan and therefore the life we want. But really, investment is only there to spend or to leave a legacy so we help you do that.

Finding the investment options and portfolios that suit your needs.

Fortunately, investing is a methodical activity. At bdhSterling our independent financial advisors can lead you through the process and work with you to optimise your investments in the context of your financial goals and over the long term make sure it is supporting your life goals and needs. This can be done at a level that suits your knowledge and time available.

bdhSterling will work with you to understand your broader goals in life and the money you need to support it. Understanding your assets, income and expenses and your comfort level or risk comes next. Once this is understood, the whole of the market is reviewed to find the investment options and portfolios that suit your needs. Our independent financial advisors can show you how this looks over your life to show you how it affects your wealth. Then we can put it all in place for you, monitor it and adjust it over time and share the status as you need. bdhSterling will take a lot of the hassle and mystery out it for you and save you time. This applies to those building their wealth or those using it in retirement.

bdhSterling’s significant expertise in pensions and pension transfers allows us to help those nearing or in retirement the most. bdhSterling is also licenced in the UK and Australia so this single financial advisor approach is unique and suits British expats returning from Australia or Australians resident in the UK as we can manage all your money unlike UK only advisors.

While bdhSterling can offer the most value over a longer relationship, sometimes help on a specific issue such as a defined benefit pension transfer or a life transition such as divorce is what clients need. bdhSterling can also support that.

Qualified and experienced financial advisors.

bdhSterling has a long track record in financial planning with decades of experience. All of our financial advisors are qualified by the Chartered Insurance Institute and we operate independently, which means having the whole market to choose from to ensure the best choice. bdhSterling take no fees from others so is not influenced by financial incentives.

Our day in, day out, dealings with various investment providers, means our knowledge is constantly up to date. bdhSterling operate standard portfolios that are well researched and designed to maximise returns for the least risk. bdhSterling are experts in pensions and are often being used by other financial advisors to support on advice.

We are regularly health checked by the Financial Conduct Authority to ensure we meet their high standards. For those with assets in the UK and Australia, we can manage your whole portfolio as we are licenced in both countries. Most others will not be able to provide that advice. bdhSterling tax can also help navigate taxation in the UK and Australia. We have considerable experience in international pensions so can help make sure these investments are working for you.

To find out how we can help you invest for your future please contact one of our independent financial advisors on 01372 724249 or complete an enquiry form on our website.