Financial Start-up


Young couple in late twenties with two young children.

  • They are looking to purchase their first family home so require help saving up and attaining a mortgage

  • They are worried about protecting their incomes in the event of serious illness or death to safeguard the children’s futures

  • One of them is earning £58k per annum and is concerned by the loss of their child benefit and wants to know if they can do anything to prevent this

  • They are not married and currently do not have a Will. They would like to know what happens to their assets should one of them pass away

  • They have heard about ISAs but want to know if Cash or Stocks and Shares ISAs are a better investment for them

  • This is their first time investing so want to know more about what products are available for them to invest in plus the risks involved

Our Advice

  • Formulate a strategy to define short, medium and long-term objectives

  • Explain the different Protection options available to ensure that there is appropriate life and income protection cover - working in conjunction with any employer benefits they already have

  • Consider contributions to a tax efficient arrangement to restore child benefit income

  • For a first-time investor we fully explain the client journey, including ascertaining the attitude to risk, investment choices and time horizons

  • Working closely with specialists, in areas such as mortgages and wills